Residential Service Upgrades


Residential Services

  • New construction
  • Panel replacement & upgrade’s
  • Generator install. (certified by Generac & Siemens)
  • Fire & water damage replacement.
Peace of mind means everything to a homeowner, and nothing rocks the boat as much as an electrical problem. Action Contracting is here to put the boat back on an even keel and make electrical service up-to-date. Residential electrical service upgrades are our specialty. So many homeowners bought into the charm of an older home without quite realizing the progress that the electrical industry has made since time of construction. Since modern devices depend upon electricity and we depend on devices in everyday life, it makes sense that Luzerne County PA homeowners want the best technicians to solve common problems in homes.One difficulty is outlets with either no grounding third hole for a plug, or in the much older homes, no polarized plug receptacles. Whatever charm the older home has to offset these problems is strained by not being up-to-date in a very basic function of acquiring electric power. In bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas near water, outlets need to be equipped with GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) for full safety.An ominous crackling sound from a panel box alerts any good homeowner to seek out Action Contracting for a diagnosis of the problem. Homes using a fuse block panel or split-buss panel (electrical panel with no main breaker) need upgrading for a comfortable lifestyle and the precious relaxation that only home gives. If your fuse box blows fuses regularly, then your residential electrical service upgrades will include a panel box with circuit breakers and adequate power for your household’s needs. Fuse boxes are designed to handle 30-60 amps of power and today’s appliances use 100-200 amps of power or even more. Another sign of electrical problems is flickering lights that indicate either uneven surges or a failing connection in the lighting appliance due to corrosion. Action Contracting will pinpoint the problem and fix it.Moving along to home renovations, peace of mind requires that appliance-heavy kitchens receive full attention for residential electrical service upgrades. The pleasure of acquiring a major appliance such as central heating and air needs grounding in making sure that the power infrastructure of your home supports the greater power usage. Likewise, a new spa or garage power equipment requires the expertise of Action Contracting for optimal servicing. No longer will it be necessary to get extension cords for a favorite new device if additional outlets are installed. Luzerne County PA residents rest easy when they call Action Contracting for more information or fill out a simple web form to request a quote. The home is once again set for smooth sailing with no disturbances to the peace which every homeowner deserves.